Who we are

We are a small group of experienced engineers with a proven track-record in the dredging and marine industry. We have an innovative drive, a large network and an urge to make an impact with our products and the way we work adapted to the global situation.

Our practical approach and how do we help?

In a fast changing and Challenging world we believe that teaming up with others, combining a wide experience, will grow results and give customers and partners the best of more worlds. Turn ideas into reality, developing new or even game changing technologies. Supported by our digital parts platform we strive to design and build tools based on a combination of surplus and new Components, engineered in house.


What market we serve?

We serve the dredging and marine industry in the following fields design/conversions/upgrades/equipment fabrication of mainly specialized equipment and combine that with Shiplift and Transfer systems as well as  oilspill recovery equipment for the global market. Consultancy services can be provided for dredging, shipbuilding, shipltifts, transfer systems and related projects.


In the past our team members have gained  experience in project-management, commercial and management positions in design/construction of innovative tools/solutions used in dredging, marine civil construction, offshore support, sea-fastening design and installation, salvage, special marine transport and (sub-sea) mining. There is Ample experience available with large capital projects at major shipyards, engineering and dredging companies.

What we do

  • Engineering and design of special tools for the Marine Industry
  • Manufacturing of structures and components
  • Digital Surplus / New Parts trading platform
  • Standard and one-off  Sealing Solutions
  • Customized Dredging Equipment
  • Emergency response Equipment
  • Regional maintenance service


We operate in a small group of experienced engineers with a proven track-record in the dredging and marine industry, supported by a team of naval architects. For special projects we team up with one of our innovative partners bringing together the experience from different industries to the benefit of our customers. We are slowly growing our portfolio and expanding the team. 

Projects presently at hand comprise of:

  • Dredge Conversion engineering

    – design/production design for unloading system including purchase support, shipping and yard support.

  • Project management and yard support to complete a new hopper dredge

  • Design of a new one-off deep suction dredge and dredging tools for a US Client 
  • Pump applications
  • Design of special tools for the marine industry


We have long partnerships with fabricators and machine shops in different parts of the world that work with us in projects or make a part of their facilities available to us to assist you locally.

Customized dredging components

For several of our clients we have turned ideas into designs and actual products are under construction, we go outside the existing boundaries to optimize the output for an efficient project completion. We can assist in concept engineering and developing new ideas.

Used components and engineered equipment

Many companies have larges stocks of surplus components new and used, taking up space and valuable working capital. Our vision is to use our global data base especially for the dredging and marine industry to re-vitalize that capital through our network. That way we also can help you locate spare parts that have long lead-times or have gone out of regular stock production.


As additional service we can assist you to jointly design and fabricate your project related tools and equipment using a combination of stock-, used, – and new components, hence reducing lead-time and capital investments.


Our platform is to go live soon.

Seal solutions

Your dredge pumps are working in harsh environments and need to be operational under all conditions in remote locations. Over the years we have seen the advantages of standard engineered seals and they have proven their value in different industries. The right selection of technology for the application is key, that is why we chose Ceraseals to be our partner to design and fabricate your seals. The combination of  our practical experience and yours will give you the results.

We stock a number of standard cartridge seals for our customers and provide the required service to maintain your seals.

Regional sales & services

Our aim is to ensure utmost satisfaction of our customers where we strive to international quality and close proximity. Our partners are spread over the region we serve and can be made available in person anytime offering engineering services or onsite support when needed. Our customers are spread mainly  across the Americas , Europe and the Middle East, but please feel welcome to contact us to see how we can assist. Some of our partners have their own workshops which can be made available  to our team to get you fast support and the best possible uptime out of your equipment.

Present service/support/storage Locations :

  • Ridderkerk / Heinenoord / Leek / Nijkerk
  • Prince Rupert (BC)
  • Lakeland (FL)
  • Vancouver (BC)


Oil-spill recovery equipment

Koseq is a renowned name in the oil-spill response business.

Its rigid sweeping arms have proved themselves numerous times in historic marine accidents like Deepwater Horizon, Prestige up to the Amoco Cadiz in the early years of its existence.

Today with changing visions on oil-spill response, Koseq focusses more on mobility, self-supporting systems and remote operated multi-functional tools/workboats suitable for Garbage/Plastic removal, oil recovery as well as maintenance. Our sweeping arms are continuously adapted to changing conditions from an operational or environmental point of view.

Our systems are strongly supported by EMSA (European Maritime Safety Agency), Rijkswaterstaat , Dredging contractors and Dedicated Oil-spill responders like Clean Gulf.

Self-Supporting containerized systems can help Countries with long coastlines to mobilize equipment faster and reduce environmental disasters on land. Sturdy Oil-spill recovery equipment like our rigid sweeping arms can be on standby during decommissioning operations offshore. As they are mostly supplied with their own Atex or zone II hydraulic powerpacks, they can be used at remote locations.

Please get in touch with us to discuss your oil-spill strategy.


Emergency flood barrier System - BOXBARRIER

Boxbarrier is a versatile modular flood protection system that is characterized by its flexibility and easiness of installation and dismantling to be re-used. If they are in the package of a response company or Government they can also be used for water storage / defense barrier against oil-spills on beaches.

Because of its simplicity the Boxbarrier can also be used by private individuals or small communities to protect their properties against the rising water. Despite the insurance Companies paying for the damage, flooding of your house/office/warehouse causes a lot of aggravation that can simply be avoided.

As the boxberries are stackable they do not take up a lot of storage. They can even be used as a water basin during a hot summer or simply for storage.

Boxbarrier has proved itself even in flowing rivers and it is quick and easy to deploy (2 people against an army division for positioning sandbags).

Please get in touch with us for your emergency needs (stock in Canada and the Netherlands).

Surplus/New Parts Platform

Present Challenging Times require Flexibility, Action and most of all Cash friendly solutions. Over the years of the existence of DMOE (dredging Marine Offshore Equipment) and DMO-services Inc. (Canada) we have seen that networks, availability of parts and local service are vital to keep an industry going. Over the years we have worked with a lot of trusted companies and suppliers all over the world.

As we are now unable to move around as we used to, the global supply has become more difficult  and are more than ever depending on people and logistics. We have always teamed up in projects with the people in our network, with the launch of our new parts platform CAPITAL DREGDE PARTS (CDP), we can do that  even more than before. Putting that platform to work helps us in supporting your- and our business by bringing parts on-line and starting to bring networks together.


What is different:

 A platform where we bring together:

  • Contractors that have surplus stock of parts/components of Vessels/equipment no longer in service
  • Equipment owners looking for  parts that difficult to source, out of production or have a low availability.
  • Contractors that need to build project related equipment with a short lead time
  • Service companies in different places of the world
  • Suppliers of parts to different markets that often make use of identical parts
  • We offer Engineered Service to help our customers design and build one-off project related/temporary equipment made of  used or new parts from stock
  • We offer the complete chain from design to delivery together with our logistic partners
  • We also offer local service, presently available in Holland, Canada , USA and the Middle-east….extending slowly where we can.

Resulting in:

  • Shorter lead times
  • Lower costs and flexibility
  • Get our network partners to work with us for you, possibly in an area close to being local to you.

We have all the components to make it work, in-house/design partnerships, loyal part/component suppliers and trusted/fabricators


Deep water dredge

An overseas leading supplier of construction aggregate materials contacted us for the design of a deepwater marine aggregate dredge. Together with a local construction company

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Environmental, Health & Safety

We take active participation in establishing and protecting the Environment taking care of Health and Safety (EHS) as well as following its  policy and procedures. By maintaining compliance with applicable EHS laws and regulations we strive to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of our team members and others affected by our business operations.

In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we work partly from home and use our office in RIDDERKERK as a meeting place in conformity with the RIVM advised regulations. On site and on the road we protect our people following a working protocol and keep a distance where possible.


Visiting address

Keurmeesterstraat 1
Phone : +31 33 879 52 97

P.O. Box 385


Contact details DMO-Services


Phone : +17 808515719